Tuesday February 20, 2018

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upcoming tinnitus studies volunteer for upcoming tinnitus studies, become aware of which therapies and treatments are being researched. (from clinicaltrials.gov)

treatment options - tinnitus homepage tinnitus homepage - tinnitus treatments. an excellent, thorough homepage on tinnitus. (probably one of the best.)

tinnitus, sadness & suicide tinnitus, sadness & suicide - award-winning design wiz rick tharp, depressed over tinnitus, commits suicide in  northern california. tragic. MORE tragic, the news reports gave lengthy descriptions of his accomplishments, and background - and ended with "tharp was reportedly depressed over a hearing condition called tinnitus." adjacent articles on tinnitus itself, medical approaches to tinnitus treatment, and how the hearing condition often leads to hopelessness and depression... THAT might have been helpful in preventing future suicides over tinnitus, as well as to promote an understanding and awareness of tinnitus itself.

med-line plus a us govt tinnitus homepage, on T and hearing disorders. (med-line is also a good resource for info on medications, for tinnitus and other conditions)

alternative treatments tinnitus homepage alternative treatments for T. a very good resource, and THE tinnitus homepage for potentially helpful T meds, vs tinnitus meds & treatments which are most likely placebos

noise awareness - tinnitus & noise AEG-Electrolux is a uk-based company, specializing in low noise electronics, washing machines etc. they sponsor noise awareness & register decibal levels.

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i can write at great length about my own experiences -- but, some people get the Big T from acoustic trauma, others from ear infections etc.

your story, and how you responded to "tinnitus cures," medications and treatments -- it's valuable... ESSENTIAL. (and, it's really the main reason i've done this tinnitus homepage)

the human brain and tinnitis a scientific look at the human brain and disorders of hearing

auto-toxic drugs cause tinnitus so beware. (this links to the pubmedcentral homepage)

more on NAC & tinnitus more on the specific actions of nac

electrode tinnitus therapy tinnitus homepage T therapy- i don't recommend this, by the way. people have been writing me that it hasn't worked

temporary loss, permanent tinnitus hearing loss, even if it's temporary, can lead to permanent tinnitus (via noise exposure)

the hearing disorder recruitment a homepage of sorts on recruitment, which is a sensitivity to sound, that accompanies hearing loss -- and very often is related to tinnitus. (if you develop sensitivity to sound without hearing loss, it's called hyperacusis.)

the tinnitus homepage

the tinnitus homepage