benadryl & tinnitus

using benadryl to treat tinnitus

BENADRYL  -- which didn't help me at all -- is a potenital treatment for tinnitus.

benadryl is an antihistamine. it's available over the counter, and has relatively few side effects. a lot of people with tinnitus have tried benadryl- unless there are conditions that produce congestion, which produce the tinnitus, benadryl seems unlikely to help.

BENADRYL & TINNITUS, my experience -- immediately after a profound acoustic trauma induced my severe T, i began taking benadryl 50 mgs, every 6 or so hours. i've done this for over 3 years.

benadryl did NOTHING to help my tinnitus at all.

WHY BENADRYL MAY HELP TINNITUS -- i've gotten 100's of letters from people suffering with tinnitus. benadryl hasn't helped any of them (except for one woman who had infections and a severe allergic reaction)

anecdotally, there's some (scant) medical evidence benadryl has helped people with tinnitus. but, based on my experience with it (and from the letters i've gotten), i wouldn't put it on top of the list of treatments i'd recommend for tinnitus sufferers.

NOTE: anyone who has SUDDEN ONSET tinnitus should a doctor specialist immediately, since T is sometimes a symptom of tumors and other lovely things. SUDDEN ONSET tinnitus has the greatest likelihood of being reversed, or lessened -- so remember, SEE A DOCTOR. (the problem, if course, is finding a GOOD one.)

ALL CONGESTION CAN POTENTIALLY WORSEN TINNITUS - SOMETIMES PERMANENTLY -- benadryl (CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR, as other antihistamines or benardyl-decogestants combinations may be more appropriate for you).... relieving head and ear congestion are GOOD things.  in fact, they're ESSENTIAL, once you already have tinnitus and don't want it to worsen.

benadryl is benign, and worth a try. as i said, if you got your hearing problems by being locked in a room when fire alarms sounded -- it's probably not likely to help.

one woman wrote me, with dramatic tinnitus caused by infections and allergic reactions to collagen injections -- they're doctors treated her very aggressively with antibiotics, benardyl etc. and they she did show improvement.

by the way, i still continue to take benadryl. it may not have helped me, but resultant head congestion from NOT taking it, could possibly have made me worse.

benadryl & tinnitus

using antihistamines like benadryl to treat hearing disorders

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benadryl & tinnitus