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does NAC help TINNITUS?

NAC is a by-product of the amino acid cysteine, and may possibly be an anti- oxidant. I'm not medically trained so I don't completely understand its biochemical make-up. The FDA has approved NAC in the emergency room treatment of Tylenol overdoses (where it is extremely effective).  Currently, out govt is running human trials (tests) with NAC. It's shown promise as a hearing loss  & *POSSIBLY* tinnitus "PREVENTATIVE" -- that if need to take it BEFORE exposure to loud noises,  you may not suffer as badly from resultant hearing loss & tinnitus. VERY curious how these NAC trials (drug studies) turn out.

NAC & TINNITUS nac & tinnitus main site page

(NOTE: Some NAC formulations have a strong odor, like decaying earth. I phoned the company who manufactured the NAC I'm taking, and was assured this was normal. Very unpleasant smell.)

ANTIOXIDANTS, NAC & TINNITUS outlines the primary study, showing NAC's potential in helping hearing disorders.

Remember: NAC has shown promise as a PREVENTATIVE against hearing loss. People are INFERRING that it might help with tinnitus as well.

Also, bear in mind that NAC must already be PRESENT, for it to have a beneficial effect. As of yet, there's no evidence that taking it AFTER noise exposure is helpful, regarding tinnitus or hearing loss.

I've been taking 600 mgs of NAC 3 times a day. (The military study involves 900 mgs of NAC taken 3 times a day.)

I haven't noticed any effect from the NAC. For me, it's been innocuous as far as side effects go (no nausea etc.), but it hasn't helped me either.

My internet searches on NAC (again -- be skeptical about what you find online: people want to sell us stuff) brought up mainly positive information on NAC in regard to tinnitus & hearing loss. Several pharmacists I contacted said NAC is good to take, & that it may help with healthy liver function. (One study I found on the net vaguely suggested NAC could possibly cause liver cancer.)

UPDATE: NAC comes in huge horse-sized pills that irritated my throat. One night I even thought I couldn't swallow at all. So I've stopped taking them for now. Frustrating. When my throat's better, I'll have to figure out a way to crush the NAC pills to take them.

Again, IF NAC helps, it may be as a preventative against hearing LOSS -- NOT tinnitus.

BENADRYL & TINNITUS sometimes anti-histamines help

NEURONTIN & TINNITUS and sometimes drugs induce or worsen the problems they were prescribed to help

SUICIDE & TINNITUS tinnitus & profound, sudden hearing problems can lead to depression & suicide

FREE RADICALS, NAC & TINNITUS more on nac & tinnitus -- and also on how the free radical scavengers, vitamins A, C, and E,  plus magnesium reduces noise trauma. (had i known, i'd have been taking MEGA-doses: i have PROFOUND hearing problems, as a result of noise trauma)
NOTE:  this is a recent study (published mid-2007). get a load of this: the benefits came from taking A, C & E TOGETHER (or, in conjunction with magnesium). "Thus, the combination of agents was clearly more effective than any single category  of agents." (ie, taking this stuff SEPARATELY didn't help very much)

DYAZIDE & TINNITUS in addition to NAC, there is a very large arsenal of potential tinnitus-relievers (and i've personally tried MANY of them). click the link for more on my experience with dyazide & tinnitus

NAC & TINNITUS nac & tinnitus main site

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