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treating tinnitus with medication neurontin

I was prescribed Neurontin by my ENT, as a treatment for my tinnitus.

I haven't noticed any effect so far. The neurontin is 100 mg capsules; the first week I took 1 pill at night (neurontin may make you drowsy). The 2nd week, I'm taking 2 capsules of neurontin, the 3rd 3 caps, & the 4th week, I'm supposed to be up to 4 neurontin caps at a time. This 4 pill dose is the regular maintenance dose for neurontin (for tinnitus anyway). I've only been taking the pills for about 10 days.

I don't understand how or why neurontin is supposed to help tinnitus. It does something to the nerve impulse that helps people who have pain from shingles. I don't have seizures. But I do have tinnitus, very severely. And a hyper-sensitivity to sound that makes life difficult -- just about all sounds cause me severe pain, hissing & tones played in my ears, even worse than usual.

Neurontin made my tinnitus significantly worse. It also made me violently sick, and caused vomiting. I was ok until I built up to 4 100 mg capsules -- the maintenance dose. Neurontin had me throwing up very bad.

It changed my tinnitus too (hope this is temporary). The squeal in my left eat began sounding like high-pitched morse code, and the thumping in my right ear got so aggressive, it sounded like it was a constant single tone.

neurontin & tinnitus - upon further research, i found articles noting neurontin may CAUSE tinnitus. (since all loud noise aggravates my hearing problems, the throwing up side effect from neurontin was particularly unplesant.)

AFTER this bad experience, the drug co who manufactures NEURONTIN, got in trouble with the FDA for promoting NEURONTIN for "off-label" uses -- things that neurontin didn't help treat. -- see neuronton co fined for illegal marketing , and   neurontin & tinnitus - it doesn't work for more information.

when i researched neurontin clinical trials for tinnitus ... well, click the link. mysteriously, the testing to see if neurtontin helps tinnitus has been "suspended"

lovely. (i hope no one suffered permanent damage as a result of taking this drug.)

benadryl & tinnitus some people have reportedly had their tinnitus helped by this medication

other tinnitus treatments - besides neurontin neurontin is but one of many possible treatments

anti-oxidants & tinnitus the best, most positive data recent data suggest tinnitus neurontin and other medications are NOT the way to go - antioxidant compounds are the most effective. (they must be taken TOGETHER, med studies didn't show significant tinnitus improvement when they were taken separately)

dyazide & tinnitus from neurontin & tinnitus, to dyazide - it seems like i've tried ALL possible remedies

airbags & tinnitus yet another way some get stricken with the Big T - inflating car air bags

neurontin & tinnitus homebase for this site. (be sure to visit this page and write me, if you have any tinnitus experiences to share - or questions to ask, etc)

Tinnitus Note: Neurontin, at first, make me very drowsy & lethargic. I didn't think I could keep taking it. But those neurontin side effects abated quickly; after a couple of days of neurontin, the drowsiness stopped, & I was fine. My tinnitus & sensitivity to noise still raged on though. and my tinnitus actually got WORSE. Neurontin did not work on my tinnitus - I had a very bad experience with it.

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treating tinnitus with medication neurontin