niacin, dyazide, benzodiazepines

for the treatment of tinnitus

There are 100s of tinnitus treatments.

Sadly, most are ineffective. And SOME T Treatments may cause tinnitus to worsen.

I began this site, to write about my own experiences, to post on the latest tinnitus treatments -- and also to relay other tinnitus experiences of those who write me.

- Again, remember that tinnitus is a highly variable condition. What helps me - a tinnitus victim due to severe noise exposure - might not work for YOU, if your tinnitus is caused by poor circulation or a tumor. (Which reminds me: see a good specialist. They're hard to find, but you MUST rule out medical conditions, etc.)

Later, I'll write about how ear doctors can (and do)make us worse. Briefly, the bad treatments that can harm us: prescribing treatment meds that make us worse, and insisting on audio acoustic hearing tests. For certain tinnitus victims, like those harmed by severe noise exposure, those tests may trigger more severe tinnitus -- sometimes permanently.

tinnitus treatment - benadryl

Visit tinnitus & benadryl for more info, but the short answer here is, while it's worth a try, this treatment isn't likely to help -- unless your problem is at least partly due to stuffiness, congestion or infection.

benzodiazepines as an effective tinnitus treatment

Valium as a treatment for tinnitus has been moderately successful at helping me.

Benzodiazipines (valium, xanax, etc) are the only medically approved tinnitus treatment. In my case, what's strange is that, I can take fairly large dosages of other benzos (than valium) -- they relax me to the point of sleep -- but they don't help my tinnitus, like valium does.

nac and dyazide

NAC and DYAZIDE are proposed treatments. You can find out more about this concoctions by visiting these links.

Neither helped me- although there's anecdotal evidence NAC helps prevent hearing loss in animals. Will it work as a treatment for tinnitus AFTER you've fallen victim to it? Impossible to say. At least, there's no evidence of it being an effective TREATMENT (as opposed to a preventative).

Niacin as a treatment for tinnitus

Niacin made my tinnitus dramatically worse.

It was recommended I take 100 mgs of niacin 3 times a day. I took 1 50 mg niacin tablet, & the hissing in my ears became excruciating. This lasted for several hours, and then went away.

On niacin, I didn't notice increased sesnitivity to sound or louder ear tones. (Not unusual: when I hiss, it seems  to drown out my tinnitus beeps & buzzes.)

Since my tinnitus symptoms vary so much during the day & evening, I couln't tell if this was a coincidence. I took a 2nd niacin, & again had dramatically worse hissing. Niacin was supposed to be an effective tinnitus treatment. (It increases blood flow to the ears.) Not so for me. Niacin made my tinnitus MUCH worse.

xanax & valium as treatments

Worth mentioning twice, as this has been my only medication help so far.

On the tinnitus treatments of valium and xanax-

5 mgs of valium is moderately effective in cutting down on my tinnitus hissing. But it takes 10 mgs to even begin to decrease the maddening bumble bee tones & squealing. While this helps, I still suffer a great deal, even on this med.

Valium & xanax are both habit forming, so they can be dangerous to use, especially long term. It's discouraging using them, because I can still suffer terribly, even after taking these pills. It calms you down, which may be necessary for your mental health, as severe tinnitus can drive you insane.

treatments - niacin, xanax & valium

for the treatment of tinnitus


Tinnitus treatment neurontin (which I DON'T recommend, by the way).

Retraining therapy has been noted as a successful treatment therapy for some.

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